2017 – Year of Digital Marketing

2017 Year of Digital Marketing2017 is the year of Digital Marketing.


Membership of social media platforms and other digital networks has never been greater and the opportunities for digital marketing has never been so attractive.

Take the LinkedIn network. They now have over 450 million adults on LinkedIn, together creating the worlds largest database of working people, connected to their past employment, colleagues and the companies currently employing them. This represents a major opportunity for B2B marketing, providing an unprecedented ability to target business sectors and job roles that can focus digital marketing potential like never before.

For the younger generation, platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are recording large increase in users. In the US alone, Snapchat now reaches 43% of 18-34 year olds and this trend is similar in the UK and set to continue. Reaching this younger audience through digital marketing has never been easier and opens the door to well conceived tailored content that speaks directly to this important sector.

So, reaching these key target groups has never been easier. But to target them in a meaningful way that drives brand awareness or increases sales requires creative¬†content that appeals to that audience in the context of the platform they are using.¬†Successful digital content can easily go viral with ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ driven by engaged users.

Clockwork Creatives specialises in creating engaging content tailored to a specific audience and platform. From Facebook and YouTube, to Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, we have experts in digital marketing to turn marketing budgets into successful platform-specific marketing campaigns.