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EU Referendum Crisis – The Pragmatic Guide for Small Businesses

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EU Referendum Crisis – The Pragmatic Guide for Small Businesses

So now we’ve had the EU referendum result, where does it leave smaller businesses in these uncertain times?

Many will assume it’s best for companies to hold back on investment and wait until the landscape becomes clearer before embarking on new investments.  Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, right?

There are three key points of consideration:

  1. Diversifying revenue streams

  2. Timing your investments

  3. Business Competition

Mark Carney - Bank of England

Mark Carney – Bank of England

While economic top brass offers advice and reassurances to investors and big business, Clockwork Creatives is here to do the same for the rest of us who are left running small – medium size businesses.

Revenue Streams

Where else could you sell your products?  For example, at Clockwork Creatives we are devising our strategy to create an additional online presence devoted to recruiting US clients.  This will provide a new revenue stream in addition to our UK presence, securing the jobs our organisation has created.  Where can you obtain new revenue streams?


Waiting for certainty works only if waiting is profitable.  For most, these uncertain times require urgent action, not stagnation.  It’s always better to have twenty revenue streams worth £1k each than one revenue stream worth £20k.  If you’re reliant on only a few revenue streams, diversify.


Because many companies will be reducing investment, there will be less competition facing those who can quickly plot a clear way forward.   Not only will companies that move swiftly and decisively be more stable by diversifying revenue streams but will also be in a prime position to grow their market share when the recession ends.


  • Look to brighter landscapes; digital marketing gives you global reach so think outside the box
  • Act now to secure additional revenue streams; invest in the right marketing channels that will be effective in reaching new and wider audiences
  • Adapt & Maintain your marketing investment; you can gain market share during recession by out-marketing the competition, which will pay dividends later.

The Small Business Programme is here to help and guide you through Brexit and beyond.

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How Much is a Video ?

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How Much is a Video ?

£2,500 is good place to start when thinking about video for your small or medium size business.  This is, of course, a huge generalisation.  But we’re putting our faith in you to understand that, and giving you a simple answer in the process.

The sweet spot is typically between £1,000 – below which we wouldn’t be proud of what we’re delivering, and £6,000 – above which one can hit a point of diminishing returns.

However, there are videos produced in a series for a much lower unit price – like our very own Top Tips series – or brand positioning videos like the John Lewis christmas adverts which cost millions.

Here are some examples of productions that we have achieved on this budget scale:

Did you know?
It can be hard to get a grip what financial returns to expect from your digital content. Clockwork Creatives offer a consultancy package; for £49 we’ll help you understand how investment and return will work for your business using tried and tested formulae, and the expert skills of our executive producers.
Becoming an EPI consultant

Becoming an EPI consultant

Meet John

Meet John

Industrial Workwear Interview

Industrial Workwear Interview

The Syndicate Card

The Syndicate Card

EweMove Franchisee Video

EweMove Franchisee Video

About Us

About Us

Why Abraham Lincoln Loves Digital Media

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Why Abraham Lincoln Would Love Digital Media‏

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”
Abraham Lincoln

These words of wisdom have gone down in history not because we all chop down trees and find it useful to know a sharp axe helps – rather because it applies to all walks of life as a metaphor.
This is particularly true in digital marketing, as if you spend £1 driving traffic to your website that’s like taking one swing at the tree with your axe.  A bad website is a blunt axe and it’ll take more swings… that’s more £££.

So get your axe nice and sharp, save yourself ongoing expenditure taking repeated swings at the tree for little result.  Get great quality content, and use it as a catalyst in your business for years to come!

Next week Maria’s Top Tips will be ready for your viewing pleasure, starting with “Does SEX Really Sell?” Maria’s bite-size top tips aim to inform, educate and enlighten you and your staff as to the fundamentals of the Digital Marketing Practice.

Clockwork creatives does sex really sell
does sex really sell clockworks
does sex really sell clock works creative

Talk to the Clockwork Creative experts for free today on 

020 717 55 388 or email us here.

We look forward to working with you to achieve success.

Why Clockwork Creatives ?

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Why Clockwork Creatives ?

Hiring us to produce great quality digital content and strategically manage the flow of visitors to that digital content is essentially a “put money in, get more money out” machine.

We’ve working with countless clients over the years to bring their marketing objectives to fruition.

But how?

Clockwork Creatives - Digital Marketing Strategy and Content Production

Well, at the most basic level, if you have normal quality digital content – a website for example – you’ll convert 1% of traffic to your website.  But a great website, with video content and a streamlined user journey, will get you a higher conversation rate.  10-20% is reasonable, but let’s be conservative and say the better website converts 5% of traffic, instead of 1%.

That means for every £100 spent driving traffic to the website you’ll get five times the return on investment.  And that’s conservative – typical client ROI rates are 10x for us.

So please, don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Don’t naively count visitors has your only key performance indicator.

There are so many variables and the financial impact of a campaign succeeding or failing is orders of magnitude greater than the costs of running it.

So why take chances with your business?  Take expert advice instead.

Talk the experts for free today on 020 717 55388 – and remember to claim your 20% off any quote this month.

We look forward to working with you to achieve success.

Clockwork Creatives - Digital Marketing Strategy and Content Production

The Unseen Benefits of Video

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unseen benefits of video

The Unseen Benefits of Video

Nearly all smart businesses are now aware of the power of great video content for marketing. But how many businesses are taking full advantage of their video production to create a wealth of social media opportunities surrounding the video itself ? 

There is so much more that can be gained by the smart use of other assets created as part of your video.  The contents gathered from just creating a single video can be creative gold dust for your business’s social media. 

Screenshots for Promotion 

For example, you can use screenshots of key moments in your video, brand it with your logo or appropriate quote and post it on the full range of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. This can be a great way to build your brand image and draw people to your website, YouTube channel or social media platforms.

They can be used as ‘teasers’ to raise the profile of a forthcoming campaign, or remind latecomers to a recent marketing campaign.  If any logo or graphics have been created for your video consider using it as a temporary logo and representation for your brand, again this can be a great route to promotion.  

Trans-Media for Promotion

You can have re-edits of your video created for distribution across different media sites. In the media business this is known as ‘Trans-media Storytelling’ where customised media can be distributed on multiple social media platforms, maximising the benefits of a single video production. For example, Instagram allows 15 seconds of video, so you can really use this to your advantage by creating a 15 sec trailer with the footage you have already obtained from your video. Better yet, if you really want to promote your video create a count down using the characters in your video (If you have characters) and have them create a 7 day count down to the day of your full video release to build social anticipation. Using different video clips and even video blogs on different platforms is a great way to promote your brand.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Maintaining great social media branding is all about being consistent and relevant to your audience. Reduce time and energy by reusing the same intro and outro graphics or animated logo. Recycle your content by continuous promotion months after your video has been released to draw in new customers who haven’t yet enjoyed your video masterpiece.

Behind the Scenes

We all love watching the ‘making of’ on our DVD collection. Well why not a ‘making of’ about your own video production ?

It could include exclusive behind the scenes footage, interviews on what inspired the video, funny moments, and anything else your viewers may find entertaining !


So, remember that there are many aspects of even a single video production that can be used to supply you with additional content that can help build your brand relationship with customers.

Don’t forget that when working with a video production company !

The Power of Animation

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The Power of Animation

The Power of Animation

Successful companies are beginning to use animated videos like never before – but why ?

Well the first reason is without doubt the increasing affordability of animated productions.

With the ready availability of powerful editing software and a wealth of artistic talent creating animated content, animation is far more affordable than ever before. Gone are the days when only the largest budgets could afford animations. Creative animation is now available to small and medium sized businesses.

But there are other important reasons too:

  • Animations open up a whole new world of creative possibilities – if you can imagine something, it can now be created.
  • Beautifully created animations are able to convey complex ideas or concepts in only a few short seconds.
  • Fun – animations can use humour and visual metaphor to create entertaining and engaging content that viewers love to share.

In fact a recent study reported that animated videos are shared up to 176% times more that traditional video. That’s users sharing your message to their networks.

The other major advantage of animations is that they can easily reflect your brand, style and audience, allowing a wealth of styles to be created for any audience.

Example 1: AAT

This animated video was commissioned by a training organisation to raise awareness of the wide selection of industries that need trained accountants. It was a highly successful campaign.

Example 2: Beating The Blues

This gentle animated video covers the delicate topic of mental health, offering advice to sufferers whilst respecting the sensitivities involved. It was created to respect ‘World Health Day’.

Example 3: ESQ Recruiting

This almost dream-like animation was a first in the recruitment sector, bringing a caring and long term partnership feel to their brand identity.

It’s style and impact has influenced many in the recruitment field.

A Final Thought

The power of animated videos to really engage audiences and drive new business is here to stay. For what can be only a modest investment, businesses can now employ the full potential of animations to engage like never before.