Small Business Programme Events

Small Business Programme Events

The Small Business Programme (SBP) Events introduce businesses to the power of our Frameworks and Packages and the benefits they bring to  available  immerse themselves in the run online, in physical venues and sometimes both at once.

They are for small-medium size businesses and are tailored to inform, educate and enlighten you about the digital landscape and video’s emergent role in it.

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The Small Business Programme Events

Free Webinars

Great to kick things off, these free webinars are run by our creatives consultants and the founders of the Small Business Programme.  These offer broad learnings, for people who are ‘scoping out’ the digital landscape and may be curious about the power of rich media/ video.

Deeper Learning Webinars

Our deeper learning webinars run on different topics allowing us to explore in more depth how it all works, and how to gain traction in that area.  It’s a natural follow-on from our free Broad Learning Webinars as those will tell you which areas are relevant to your business.

Small Business Programme Events
Small Business Programme Events

Broadcast Events

Think Jools Hollande, but with digital marketing and video.  We’re live from our London studio, with a live studio audience of entrepreneurs.  We react to your tweets, we answer your questions and bring together a global community of entrepreneurs passionate about digital marketing and video production.

Live Events

We organise digital retreats, where we stop doing digital marketing for a day and just think about it.  Perfect for the planning stage of projects in spirit, and thus tailored this way in content too.  Plus, by the end of the day everyone’s got to know each other and we always pick venues with a licensed bar!

Together the SBP Packages provide end-to-end content production solutions for businesses looking to secure digital success.  Not sure which package is right for you?  Speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more on 020 717 55 388.