Small Business Programme FrameworksMaking & Consultancy Toolkit

Small Business Programme Frameworks

The Small Business Programme Frameworks are decision-making tools to help you develop marketing strategies and increase revenue.

They assist businesses at all stages; from startups who are defining their company brand, to established SME’s looking to reach new markets.

Together, the Frameworks cover the full process of digital marketing planning; from defining key objectives, and identifying your channels, to delivering your campaign strategy.

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The Small Business Programme Frameworks

Small Business Programme Frameworks


The Stages framework helps businesses understand where you are in the planning process, and which areas of your marketing strategy require development.

Company Brand

In in the planning process this Framework helps develop your company branding and positioning in the market place.

Product Brand

The Product Brand Framework looks at each product or service range your business is offering to customers and helps you develop your branding and identify the target audience for each range. For example; Tesco ‘every day value’ vs Tesco ‘Finest‘.


Building on the Branding Frameworks’ output, the Channel framework identifies the optimal channels to market for your for your business to reach its target audience effectively.


Opportunities for Affiliate marketing is identified with this Framework. This is mainly relevant for large businesses who wish to enter new markets.

Campaign Strategy

The Campaign Strategy Framework brings together the development work of the other Frameworks into a comprehensive Marketing Strategy for your business.  It provides all the details necessary to launch your marketing campaigns, using the Small Business Programme Packages.

Together the Frameworks offer a complete roadmap for your digital marketing strategy. They enables businesses to focus their marketing efforts on those areas most likely to bring revenue growth and long term benefits.