Small Business Programme Packages

Small Business Programme Packages

Welcome to the Small Business Programme Packages.

Individually Packages define the type of digital content that should be produced to achieve a particular business purpose or strategy. Together, they define the full range of digital content businesses should consider to implement a full digital marketing strategy.

There are two routes that small-medium businesses can follow to begin using SBP Packages:

1)  Businesses who have worked through our Small Business Programme Frameworks to define their marketing strategy. This strategy will help define which SBP Packages are needed to implement their strategy.

2) Businesses that have already defined their marketing strategy and can easily identify the SBP Package that will help them achieve that strategy.

In addition to the marketing and branding, we also have Packages designed for business support purposes such as producing training and customer services content. These are aimed at reducing customer support costs through training and customer support content.

SBP Frameworks

The SBP Frameworks assist businesses in defining the strategic side of digital content marketing and include everything from driving brand awareness and brand positioning in the market, to sales videos aimed at increasing conversion rates. For more information on the SBP Frameworks take a look here.

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The Small Business Programme Packages

Brand Awareness

The Brand Awareness package for producing content aimed at generating awareness about your brand.  This typically prepares your target market to encounter your brand soon; and when they do they will have that all-important feeling of familiarity.

Brand Building

This package is for the production of content aimed at building your brand’s presence, positioning you in the market and driving traffic to your website to begin the sales journey in earnest.

Product Marketing

For content which drives awareness, interest and desire for a particular product or service you offer.

Product Sales

Content which will take an interested lead and build desire and permission to close the sale for you.  As well as increasing sales and conversion rates, this can also save your current sales costs such as your sales teams’ time.

Explainer Content

General-use package, typically animated video content, which will explain something to someone.  Commonly how your company, or a particular product, works to your market demographic.

Training Content

Content for the purposes of training; increasing your staffs’ productivity and capability without expensive, repeat-cost training courses.  Also allows your staff to train more efficiently, and easily refer back to training materials later.  This type of content can be delivered through an online portal to your employees if you wish.

Customer Services Content

Content aimed at answering FAQs, alleviating concerns and following up after-sales support.  This can also be used in conjunction with our Training Content package.

Small Business Programme - Packages

Together the SBP Packages provide end-to-end content production solutions for businesses looking to secure digital success.  Not sure which package is right for you?  Speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more on 020 717 55 388.