Snapchat Comes of Age as a Digital Marketing Tool

Snapchat Comes of Age as a Digital Marketing Tool


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Snapchat – Reaching Millennials

In August 2016, around 61 percent of UK online adults aged 18 to 29 were Snapchat users. In fact, its now the most popular (measured by daily users) of all the new social media platforms amongst the millennials.

This huge surge in interest in Snapchat now makes it an essential digital marketing tool for reaching a millennial target audience. However, unlike Facebook and YouTube, Snapchat has its very own mechanics for content delivery.

Anyone considering using Snapchat for their digital marketing campaigns needs to be aware of how the platform works and how best to integrate their content into the Snapchat experience. For example, most Snapchat content has a very limited window of viewing (usually between 1 and 10 seconds). It has no ‘history’ for users to revisit content in a traditional way.

These unique Snapchat mechanisms combined with an active user experience mean new ways must be found to tell your brand story and make an impression. Digital Marketing with Snapchat must be planned out into a series of images – each telling part of your brand story. This can then be enhanced with short videos to provide more detail and brand awareness.

If you target millennials for your digital marketing campaigns, Snapchat is becoming a must-use platform. Our digital marketing team can provide advice, consultancy and content delivery for all your digital marketing campaigns – from Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, to LinkedIn and YouTube.

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