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Digital Marketing with Facebook

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Digital Marketing with Facebook

Digital Marketing with Facebook has never been more attractive for businesses.

With over 307 million regular Facebook users* in Europe, the potential for business and brand engagement is higher than ever before.

For businesses directly targeting consumers, Facebook represents one of the bests ways of reaching a receptive audience in 2017. With the success of business pages which attract ‘likes’ and allow for the easy sharing of content with friends and colleagues, Facebook is becoming the platform of choice for businesses wishing to reach new audiences and build online engagement.

Facebook also provides businesses with a sophisticated set of targeting criteria to focus their digital marketing efforts on carefully specified audience segments. Such parameters as age, geographical location, interests and family status can allow for finely tuned digital marketing campaigns tailored to a very specific audience.

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In addition, with some careful analysis of your potential customer base, different digital marketing campaigns can be setup to run concurrently, each targeting a particular audience with content that has been customised for them. This ability to tailor your digital marketing to very specific audiences make Facebook a powerful platform and an essential part of a well planned marketing campaign.

Content Still King

With Facebook and other new digital marketing platforms, one of the vital factors in attracting a new audience is the nature of the content that is posted. In a world of sophisticated consumers, content needs to go far beyond the traditional adverts highlighting price or product features.

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Consumers these days demand content that engages and entertains, or informs and enlightens. At best, a campaign can do all of these things and foster a strong and engaging relationship with your customers over time.

Good planning of your digital marketing campaign is essential to take advantage of the power of the platform and maximise your return on investment.

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