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Why Abraham Lincoln Loves Digital Media

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Why Abraham Lincoln Would Love Digital Media‏

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”
Abraham Lincoln

These words of wisdom have gone down in history not because we all chop down trees and find it useful to know a sharp axe helps – rather because it applies to all walks of life as a metaphor.
This is particularly true in digital marketing, as if you spend £1 driving traffic to your website that’s like taking one swing at the tree with your axe.  A bad website is a blunt axe and it’ll take more swings… that’s more £££.

So get your axe nice and sharp, save yourself ongoing expenditure taking repeated swings at the tree for little result.  Get great quality content, and use it as a catalyst in your business for years to come!

Next week Maria’s Top Tips will be ready for your viewing pleasure, starting with “Does SEX Really Sell?” Maria’s bite-size top tips aim to inform, educate and enlighten you and your staff as to the fundamentals of the Digital Marketing Practice.

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Increasing Website Response

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Having a website for any business is important, however, if you have a website have you looked at whether it’s helping to bring you new customers? As every business owner or marketing manager knows; the response from the website is the most important thing. However, knowing how to reliably get increased results can be difficult.

The first thing we advise our clients to look at is whether you are getting enough visitors to your website. If you are and you’re not getting the enquiries or sales you think you should be getting then we are confident that we can help. From our experience, the likely cause due to lack of enquiries via any website is down to user engagement which is where having a quality business video present can really help.

Here at Clockwork Creatives we provide website corporate video production services to businesses all over the UK and further-a-field. We don’t just create videos well, we always have the end result in mind which is to help obtain more customers. From our years of experience we will work with you to have a video on your website that adds real benefit.

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